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Just like in-house counsel…
Le Cavalier, Corporate Counsel provides businesses with legal services comparable to those of in-house counsel. Indeed, just like in-house counsel, we provide an integrated approach to legal services that is flexible, cost-effective and result-oriented.
We act primarily as a project lawyer for in-house corporate legal departments.  On a basis of a number of days per week, by project or full-time for a given period, we offer to:
  • relieve workload increases
  • complete key projects
  • participate to major transactions or litigation
  • fill in for a lawyer’s absence
  • handle critical functions such as corporate or litigation management
  • provide on-going general legal advice on business law and financing
All on the business premises, if need be.




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Just like In-House Counsel...

...To relieved workload increase

...For temporary replacement

...To complete key projects

...To evaluate your needs

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