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Why use our services?

Flexibility, cost-effectiveness and results

  • Available on a flexible basis

  • Cost-saving versus law firms hourly rates

  • Driven by results

Sound Costs Management ľ It is possible to reduce the legal department expenses by completing in-house a larger number of projects.  No hiring is required, which is cost advantageous and usefull during an employment freeze period.


Flexibility -  As per your workload increase, transactions or projects to be completed or the required period to evaluate your needs, you can retain our services on a flexible basis, for a number of days per week, a project or full time for a temporary period.  We can work on the business premises, if need be.

Better Management of the Legal Risk ľ Our broad experience as in-house counsel allows us to advise businesses in a competent and efficient manner, driven by business goals.

Business Needs Assessment ľ You can assess the need for an additional ressource without having to bear the costs of firing an employee should you conclude that no full-time additional ressource is needed.


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...To relieved workload increase

...For temporary replacement

...To complete key projects

...To evaluate your needs

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